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Thai Hawker kid in Patong Phuket

More Phuket Faces (Scary or Not)

I met this kid in the city of Patong, the tourist hub of the Phuket island. He was working as some kind of a hawker, bringing tourists into shady night clubs. More pictures of the infmaous Patong night creatures coming soon…

Portrait of a thai man in Phuket

People watching in Phuket

Phuket is the biggest and most developed island of Thailand. It is located on the western coast in the Andaman sea (which makes it less rainy during the monsoon season - good to know if you're in the area in june/july/august), and is just above the smaller islands of Ko Phi Phi (famous because the movie The Beach) was filmed there and Koh Lanta (famous because the first French version of survivor was filmed there, and since then it retained that name).

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