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Muslim school kid running at the Masjid Negara

Muslim School inside the National Mosque

This school is located right inside the National Mosque. The kids there were all having a blast, running everywhere, chased by teachers, looking super cool with their Egyptian type outfit.

Shadow at Kuala Lumpur's Masjid Negara

Masjid Negara Lights and Shadows

The mosque was a very interesting place to explore, the architects that planned it made it so that every different hall had a different atmosphere created by the juxtaposing of geometric elements giving a special play on the lights.

Masjid Negara Chador and Writings

Attack of the Clones

One of the coolest things at the Masjid Negara is that to enter, you must be fully dressed (no short sleeve shirts), and if you don't they provide you with a purple traditional-futuristic chador, which actually greatly resembles a Jedi outfit.

Masjid Negara father and son walking

Kuala Lumpur’s Masjid Negara

Masjid Negara litteraly means "National Mosque", it is one of the must see attractions of KL. The architectural style is very original, blending traditional Muslim origins with a modern twist. The construction of the mosque is actually fairly recent, as it was erected in the 60s. It is much more angular than older mosques, and the predominant color used is blue, reminding somehow of Istanbul's famous Blue Mosque.

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