The Day Husayn Was Killed

achura isfahan square

One of the most - if not the most - important religious celebration for Shia Muslims is Ashura. It comemorates the killing of Husayn, the son of Ali and grandson of The Prophet, at the battle of Karbala.


isfahan mosque square

Isfahan is probably the most interesting city in Iran. “Naqsh-e Jagan” the central city square, is a trully amazing sight, with perfectly preserved historical Safavid …

Black Hills in Kharanaq

black hills in kharanaq

Black Hills in Kharanaq. Picture taken from the abandoned house mentioned in the previous post.

Kharanaq Abandoned Mud City

abandonned iranian house

This empty room is part of a huge construction, very much alike a giant sand castle, holding litteraly hundreds of abandonned rooms. Apparently built around a thousand years ago it is one of the only remaining "mud cities" in Iran, and used to be the home of several hundered inhabitants. Today only one family is still livng there.

A Woman.

iranian donkey

Sorry, bad joke (see previous post).

A Woman and a Donkey


A bit cliché, but the almost caricatural image of this very typical westernized upper class Tehrani woman in the middle of the rural inland of Iran is somehow striking

Jameh Mosque in Yazd

kids in mosquee yazd

Yazd is a fairly small city in the center of Iran. If you are in the area it's really worth a visit, it is actually one of the only two iranian cities (with Isfahan) that still has an old city center, with small twisting streets reminding of morrocan medinas

Yazdi Kid Freeing Birds

yazdi kid freeing bird

" Freedom - or its opposite - appears in the world whenever such principles are actualized; the appearance of freedom, like the manifestation of principles, coincides with the performing act. Men are free - as distinguished from their possessing the gift for freedom - as long as they act, neither before nor after, for to be free and to act are the same"

Kids Coming from the Sun

Iranian School Kids Getting Down the Train

It actually somehow looks like they literally are coming from the Sun.

Train Arriving in Yazd at Dawn

Train arriving in Yazd at Dawn

So after 8 hours of night ride we arrived in Yazd at dawn, slightly tired but delighted to witness a particularly beautiful sunrise in the middle of the Iranian desert.

Trains Inside Tehran Railway Station

Trains inside Tehran Railway Station

For some reason train rides have a particular savour, and with the blossoming of low-cost airlines we don't really enjoy them as much as we did in good old Europe. Luckily as Tehran isn't yet an Easyjet hub I was happily forced to travel back in time and take night trains as I did in my mythologized InterRail days.

Tehran Central Railway Station by Night

tehran central train station at night

For some reason those green and pink neon lights are VERY typical of Tehran at night. You find them everywhere, shading their pale puti club style lights on parks, shops, sidewalks, you name it

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