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Divas in Patong, Phuket

Patong Divas

For some reason the pose of these ladies remind me of clichés of american movies from the 70s, maybe from Cassavete's "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie" or even some "Taxi driver" night driving scene.

Thai Hawker kid in Patong Phuket

More Phuket Faces (Scary or Not)

I met this kid in the city of Patong, the tourist hub of the Phuket island. He was working as some kind of a hawker, bringing tourists into shady night clubs. More pictures of the infmaous Patong night creatures coming soon…

Portrait of a thai man in Phuket

People watching in Phuket

Phuket is the biggest and most developed island of Thailand. It is located on the western coast in the Andaman sea (which makes it less rainy during the monsoon season - good to know if you're in the area in june/july/august), and is just above the smaller islands of Ko Phi Phi (famous because the movie The Beach) was filmed there and Koh Lanta (famous because the first French version of survivor was filmed there, and since then it retained that name).

Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai

A few words about Chiang Mai. Thailand's 2nd largest city, capital of the northern part of the country, it is a very pleasant city to spend a few days. The old city is surrounded by ancient walls, and in those 2 square kilometers (more or less) you have tens of temples to visit. To be completely honest after half a dozen I started to get a bit bored, and to entertain myself I started to take close up pictures of small statues and other artifacts, finding it easier than to photograph real moving people =). Results varied, but I could sometimes get interesting, slightly surreal effects.



In Chiang Mai there is this park called "Tiger Kingdom" where you can actually go fool around with big ass (or baby) tigers. Scary at first, but the beasts are controlled by some local tiger wizards and they're actually pretty sleepy. The employees there say it is just because they were born in captivity, but we actually wondered if they also had a Prozac based diet.

Wat Phra Singh in Chang Mai

Wat Phra Singh in Chang Mai

I love how they put real glasses on the statue... Maybe they were actually even the real dude ones...

Ratchadamnoen Stadium

Thai Boxing at the Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok

The fights were actually a bit disapointing since they mainly featured 12 years old, but the impressive part really was outside the ring, on the arena seats. There hundreds of furious locals were betting money on every fight, screaming, waving money in the air and running around

Thai traditionnal puppet

Traditional Thai Puppetry

Puppets photographed outside a temple in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Akha Village tea plantation

Akha Village tea plantation (Thailand)

We entered Thailand by the northern border, and first spent a few days in tthe city of Chiang Rai. The most interesting activity there is trekking in the mountains nearby, home of many different ethnic groups, including the Akha tribe. One really rewarding option is to arrange sleeping over at the Akha Hill House, located in a little authentic akha village an hour away from Chiang Rai. The scenery is stunning, and you can walk by organic tea plantations run by the Akha's themselves

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