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Iranian Deer, American Dogs

Interesting mural painting spotted in Yazd.

iranian donkey

A Woman.

Sorry, bad joke (see previous post).


A Woman and a Donkey

A bit cliché, but the almost caricatural image of this very typical westernized upper class Tehrani woman in the middle of the rural inland of Iran is somehow striking

yazdi kid freeing bird

Yazdi Kid Freeing Birds

" Freedom - or its opposite - appears in the world whenever such principles are actualized; the appearance of freedom, like the manifestation of principles, coincides with the performing act. Men are free - as distinguished from their possessing the gift for freedom - as long as they act, neither before nor after, for to be free and to act are the same"

monkey smoking a cigarette

Smoking Monkey

Back to Bali and its monkeys! This one was also spotted in Ubud's monkey forest. Some woman had left her pack of cigarettes while going to the toilets, and that's what she found when she came back...

monkey holding a banana in ubud bali


So here we are, after quite a lot of pictures we are leaving Malaysia behind, and moving on to Indonesia, and more precisely Bali. For some reason the name of Indonesian islands are surrounded with an exotic, almost magical aura "Java", "Borneo", "Bali", just by pronouncing them it feels like you're already escaping reality, and entering a time of tropical myths and legends. Well it turns out that in Bali at least reality isn't too far off from imagination. Monkeys, monks, temples, forest, dancers, fire, desert islands: welcome to Bali.

Portrait of a Pig

Portrait of a Pig

I met mister Pig in Vietnam, but his "portrait" reminded me of Mister Turtle's one, so I thought I could put him here alongside his Malaysian little friend.

Portrait of a Turtle

Portrait of a Turtle

I met mister Turtle in the Cameron Highlands. As he isn't very tall, it was quite difficult to take a shot "facing" him, so I had to do a "blind" shooting, taking many shots and only looking at them afterwards.

Butterfly and Flower

Butterflies at the Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands are located 4 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, and according to guide books a must see in Malaysia. We spent a few days there and probably the most remarkable thing we saw there were those butterflies



In Chiang Mai there is this park called "Tiger Kingdom" where you can actually go fool around with big ass (or baby) tigers. Scary at first, but the beasts are controlled by some local tiger wizards and they're actually pretty sleepy. The employees there say it is just because they were born in captivity, but we actually wondered if they also had a Prozac based diet.

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