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Tehran Bazaar Fruit Juice Vendor

The Tehran Bazaar is unbelievably huge. according to one carpet vendor we met there it is 25kms wide, holds 200 000 stores and sees 1 million visitors every day. Even though these figures are probably completely imaginary , I did spend almost an hour trying to escape from the kitchen appliances section, and after a morning of wandering I still hadn’t bought a thing, as I could not locate any spices or any other random souvenir. This man, originally from Tabriz, was selling all kinds of freshly squeezed juice, his star product being pomegranate juice. Indeed it seems to be Iran’s beverage of choice, and you can buy it at almost every street corner in Tehran. Surprisingly though it does not taste like our sweet western grenadine, on the contrary it is very sour and acidic, making it quite an interesting drink.


  1. elosullaluna
    Posted 8 Nov ’10 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    bon on a quand même un peu l’impression que c’est nos “pommes” qu’il va presser dans sa machine à torture. ça fait peur.

  2. Posted 19 Nov ’10 at 10:48 am | Permalink

    REAL great picture.

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