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Trains inside Tehran Railway Station

Trains Inside Tehran Railway Station

For some reason train rides have a particular savour, and with the blossoming of low-cost airlines we don't really enjoy them as much as we did in good old Europe. Luckily as Tehran isn't yet an Easyjet hub I was happily forced to travel back in time and take night trains as I did in my mythologized InterRail days.

tehran central train station at night

Tehran Central Railway Station by Night

For some reason those green and pink neon lights are VERY typical of Tehran at night. You find them everywhere, shading their pale puti club style lights on parks, shops, sidewalks, you name it

Diniz Iranian ski resort

Dizin, a Ski Resort in Iran

Dizin is the major Iranian ski resort. Located about 1h30 minutes from Tehran it is known to be a fairly "liberal" place, where youngsters go to escape the city's mayhem.

Carpets In Tehran Bazaar

Carpets in Tehran’s Bazaar

Carpets are probably Iran's best known manufactured product (after hypothetical h b*mbs) and you do find them everywhere. You have them in every imaginable size and material, coming from every part of Iran. Qom, Tabriz and Yazd are know to be home of some of the finest carpets in the universe.

Tehran Bazar Fruit Juice Vendor

Tehran Bazaar Fruit Juice Vendor

The Tehran Bazaar is unbelievably huge. according to one carpet vendor we met there it is 25kms wide, holds 200 000 stores and sees 1 million visitors every day. Even though these figures are probably completely imaginary , I did spend almost an hour trying to escape from the kitchen appliances section, and after a morning of wandering I still hadn't bought a thing, as I could not locate any spices or any other random souvenir

Tehran City Theatre and Music Billboard

Tehran City Theatre

This is a picture of the Tehran City Theatre. It is located in one of my favorites spots in Tehran, the crossroad of Vali Asr and Enquelab. Close to many universities the area is very lively, with many art students and hipsters gathering for a drink at the nearby Café Godot,

Iranian Students in downtown Tehran

Iranian Students in downtown Tehran

As I was walking around the city center with a few friends a group of students hearing us speak English approached us and as they were English students themselves we had a quick chat - Asal, in the middle, told us that she lived in Malmoe for a few months, and she was very suprised people could live all their life in such a cold place.

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