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young couple and mural in Tehran

Young Couple and Mural in Tehran

So I will try to put some pictures of Tehran, where I am currently living. Here is one typical one, those beautiful murals being everywhere in Tehran.

monkey smoking a cigarette

Smoking Monkey

Back to Bali and its monkeys! This one was also spotted in Ubud's monkey forest. Some woman had left her pack of cigarettes while going to the toilets, and that's what she found when she came back...

Vietnamese couple living on a boat can tho

Vietnamese Couple Living on a Boat

So we just got into Bali yesterday, but it turns out I am moving to Iran for some time today, and I am not sure I will be able to update this blog from there. Hopefully I will, but in case I don't I wanted to post this portrait I particularly liked and leave you guys with it till I come back. It was taken in Can Tho, in the heart of the Mekong delta in Vietnam.

monkey holding a banana in ubud bali


So here we are, after quite a lot of pictures we are leaving Malaysia behind, and moving on to Indonesia, and more precisely Bali. For some reason the name of Indonesian islands are surrounded with an exotic, almost magical aura "Java", "Borneo", "Bali", just by pronouncing them it feels like you're already escaping reality, and entering a time of tropical myths and legends. Well it turns out that in Bali at least reality isn't too far off from imagination. Monkeys, monks, temples, forest, dancers, fire, desert islands: welcome to Bali.

Muslim woman with a red dress and an umbrella

Waiting for the Rain

Spotted in Kuala Lumpur, where it does rain A LOT.

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