Boys and Girl

woman tshirt

Near Yazd, Iran.

Guard in Persepolis

guard in Persepolis

Couple in a Mosque


A few Iranian carpets as well.

Iranian Deer, American Dogs


Interesting mural painting spotted in Yazd.

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque


I will be uploading some more pics from Iran in the next few days. Here is the first one, the inside of the main dome …



I was recently visiting a friend in Madagascar, but I made the mistake of only bringing a fixed 50mm lens I’m not used to use, so instead …

Candles for the dead


During the Achura celebration we went to the city's cemetery where martyrs of the war against Iraq are buried, and witnessed many gathering to pay respect to their lost family or friends, burning candles or bringing flowers.

Water Pipe Smokers in Isfahan

iranians smoking sheesha in isfahan

These guys actually really were under the bridge (previous picture was more like over the bridge…) And sorry for this long time without post, but …

Under the (Isfahan) Bridge

isfahan bridge at night

Part of Isfahan's unique atmosphere comes from the Zayandeh River, traversing the city from west to east. The bridges over the river include some of the nicest architecture in Isfahan. The oldest bridge is the "Pol-e Shahrestan," which was probably built in the 12th century.


man praying isfahan achura

More men praying during the Ashura celebrations in Isfahan. And a beaituful Iranian carpet.

Remembering Husayn

man praying isfahan

Several times during the course of the 3 days masses of people gathered to pray, occupying the whole central city Square in front of the Imam Mosque.


portrait of irani women

While in Isfahan for Ashura, I had the chance to meet a group of extremely nice and welcoming local people, involved in an organization which aims was to inform foreigners on the paricular customs and culture revolving around the Ashura

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